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The way Pakistan got the great Babar

The way Pakistan got the great Babar

Babar Azam : April 14, 2021, Wednesday এ This day of cricket can be easily called by anyone, Babar Azam’s day! At the beginning of the day, Babar got the good news – he has replaced Virat Kohli as the No. 1 batsman in the ODI rankings. His great batting in the ODI series during the tour of South Africa has contributed to this good news. Towards the end of the day, Babur led the team to victory with a remarkable 122 off 59 balls in the third T20 of the series against South Africa at Centurion.

However, Pakistani cricket fans should overtake Kohli in the ODI rankings to rise to the top. Their outstanding batting gem has slowly crossed the age line and started proving itself to be invaluable! When this is the case, one can take a look at the last decade of Pakistan cricket. Let’s take a look at the best specialist batsmen in Pakistan in this decade. Then let’s compare Babar with them.

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Babar Azam Pakistan cricket live cricket live sports sports news TV

Misbah-ul-Haq, the former batsman who is currently the coach of Pakistan, was more determined than glamorous or flamboyant in his batting. Shoaib Malik could not write his name in Test cricket like that. The same is true of the evergreen Shahid Afridi. Mohammad Hafeez has long been one of Pakistan’s leading batsmen. That too, of course, is due to his ability to move his hand with the batting.

All in all, Pakistan has been doing happily for a perfect expert batsman for a long time. But the light of the next generation is spreading in other parts of the world. India has Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, now India has got a Rishabh Pant too. Alastair Cook was from England. Now there are outstanding talents like Joe Root. Australia has got batsmen like Steve Smith, David Smith, and Marnus Labushan. Ross Taylor is now in decline, but New Zealand has long since found a talented batsman like Kane Williamson.

But time seemed to come to a standstill in Pakistan cricket. During this time they had to fight to adapt to the ‘new home’. And to fight that, Pakistan cricket is just chewing on happy memories! They are still groping for the batting beauty of Zaheer Abbas, all the brilliant shots of Javed Miandad, the twisting of Saeed Anwar’s wrist, the lazy beauty of Inzamam-ul-Haq, the positivity of Younis Khan. Another issue continues in Pakistan cricket. Trying to find ‘raw diamonds’ and make them shiny. Most of the diamonds fall out. But Babar Azam is one of those raw diamonds who is on his way to becoming Pakistan’s next batting legend. He is one such person who can challenge Virat Kohli, one of the batting heroes of this period.

Babar was 22 years old when Pakistan won the title after beating India in the final of the 2016 Champions Trophy. Two years later, he broke Miandad’s Pakistani record at the World Cup. In the 2019 World Cup, Babar scored 474 runs at an average of 7.61. With this run, he broke Miandad’s 1992 World Cup record and became Pakistan’s highest run-scoring batsman in a World Cup. However, Pakistan failed to reach the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup. But in that World Cup, Pakistani cricket fans have at least seen that Babur has established himself as a full-fledged batsman beyond the age limit.

Especially in the match against New Zealand, which was chased by Pakistan, Babar blossomed into a full-fledged flower. The sky was overcast. Under that cloudy sky, Trent Bolt’s swing was biting like a snake. Lucy Ferguson’s moving balls were hissing in his ears and coming out with a sigh. And on that day, Mitchell Santner was sitting in a unique position of perfect bowling. On the contrary, Babur was as stable as a sage. After playing with time, he slowly came out of his shell. He left the field after winning the match unbeaten by 101 runs. Said at the end of the match, this is the best innings of his career!

Some parts of Babarnama were heard. Now let’s come to the story of how Babur managed to turn himself into such a batsman. Tennis ball cricket at the beginning of the story. As a child, he used to play in the alleys of Lahore. Sometimes in the guise of practice, sometimes in the form of competition. Model Town Park in Lahore is not far from Gaddafi Stadium. Babur grew up in that model town park, that tennis ball cricket.

The Akmal brothers became his cousins. But Babar did not go astray like the Akmal’s. The reason for this must be Baba Azam Siddique. In every step taken on Babar’s journey, this man’s hand was by his side. How much Azam Siddique has done to see Babar at this stage has become clear in a recent discussion between Babar and Imam-ul-Haq in a PCB podcast. Azam Siddique used to stay on the field all day for his son during the U-16 cricket trial. Recalling that, Imam said in that discussion in the podcast, “Even if you still don’t return home by 11 o’clock, he will call you or me.”

His father’s rule and help and playing tennis cricket have played a role in Babur’s career, but the Pakistan captain also revealed another secret of his becoming a perfect batsman. Babur learns by watching all the legends and great cricketers. And practice hard. This is what has played a big role in making him such a perfect batsman. Babar still remembers one of Kohli’s suggestions, “I remember Virat Kohli telling me, ‘You play on the field as you play on the net.'”

Babur’s most powerful place is the cover drive. When he plays the perfect cover drive, it looks pretty good. To be perfect in cover drive, he has done a lot of research on AB de Villiers, ‘I can’t become confident in batting until I play a cover drive. Many have advised me not to play this shot at the beginning of the innings. I fought it. But this shot is my instinct. I can’t let go of the ball to drive the cover. But I still practice this shot a lot. ‘

Another big thing about Babur’s technique is being able to play the ball late. In this case, he has improved himself by seeing Kane Williamson and with the advice of Ijaz Ahmed. “The more you can play the ball from the body, the more control you have over the shot,” Babar said. In the beginning, I wanted to play the ball away from the body. It has become a habit. ‘

That habit changed on the advice of former Pakistan batsman Ijaz, ‘Ijaz Bhai always told me, if I continue to play like this, I have to fight. I can understand that he was right in 2 to 3 years. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. Not even in a year. If I failed, I would stop and think negatively. But now I have overcome it. I talk to myself a lot. ‘

Cricket, cricket, and cricket হবে you have to play a lot, this attitude has brought Babar to such a level, he. He also gave an example – Babur did not sit down after Pakistan was eliminated from the 2019 World Cup, he went to play county cricket for Somerset. Babur scored 56 runs for Somerset at an average of 52.54. “I’ve learned a lot there,” he said of how much Seba has benefited from playing county cricket. I left with a week’s rest at the end of the World Cup. I played 14 matches against a standard opponent there. It helped me a lot. ‘
Babur is undoubtedly the best batsman in Pakistan in recent times. In the last 5 years, he has scored 57.18 runs in ODIs. Only Kohli (85.10) and Rohit (70.62) have higher than average. And no one has scored more runs than him in the International Twenty20 this time. Babar has scored 1,918 runs in 50 matches. Rohit Sharma is in second place with 1,562 runs in 51 matches. However, Babur has a long way to go to make himself one of the best in Test cricket.

Babar Azam : Recently, Babar’s responsibilities in the Pakistan team have increased. Now he is not only the captain of Pakistan’s white ball, he is leading the team in all types of cricket. However, this extra responsibility is not affecting his batting. However, Babur does not think that he will do well unilaterally in the captaincy. “As a captain, I do not think that my winning graph will go straight. There will be ups and downs. There will be some mistakes, sometimes there will be good performances. ‘

But the time is now for Babar Azam. Babar’s Pakistan is the second team to win two ODI series in South Africa after Australia. And tomorrow, after ending Kohli’s 41-month reign, Babar has risen to the top of the ODI rankings. The last Pakistani batsman to top the rankings was Mohammad Yousuf in 2003. Pakistan’s long wait is over. To rise to the top of the rankings, Power is a perfect expert batsman. Jayant Babar Azam!


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