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A ball with boots at 37 kilometers per hour,Kylian Mbappé, spanish la liga

The French star of PSG, Kylian Mbappé, will be the great threat against Barcelona in the absence of Neymar and Di María

Football match: Without Neymar & Di María, PSG will buckle up Kylian Mbappé for the Champions League match against Barça. Without much regularity in his game, the French striker has returned, however, to take his devilish speed for a walk and on February 7 against Olympique de Marseille, he scored a goal in a commercial. From the small area of his team to the opposite. French television measured the run, 99 meters, with peaks of 36 kilometers per hour.

Football match: Everything was born in a corner against. Since the arrival of Pochettino, Mbappé has defended this type of set-piece in his area and always stands at the height of the post furthest from the shot. An area with less player traffic that allows him, once the ball has been recovered by his team or with a simple clearance, to deploy on the attack with the horizon in front. He did so. Almost 100 meters of running. His top speed spike came as he approached the opponent’s area. Just before stepping on it, he touched the ball for the first time in action with his right leg to dribble past a defender and immediately finished off with his left from the apex of the small area. Goal.

Football match: It was not the first time that the French international moved at such speeds. In December 2017, against Lille, he made a sprint of 60 meters with peaks also of 36 kilometers per hour. In April 2019, against Monaco, in a game in which he scored three goals, in the first one, his career reached 38 kilometers per hour. It was then the first time that he was compared with Usain Bolt, who in the final of the 100 meters of the Berlin World Championship (2009) achieved the world record (9.58) with an average of 37.59 and 44, 5 in the highest speed phase.

In the 2018 World Cup, in the round of 16 against Argentina his 70-meter career with the ball, six touches in the driving, from the middle of his field, pursued by Mascherano, Tagliafico, and Rojo, who ended up knocking him down inside the area, It was one of the images of the tournament. He reached 37.4 maximum speed and his companions began to call him Monsieur 37.

The newspaper L’Equipe then consulted Stephane Christian, European record holder in the 110-meter hurdles in 1986, who confirmed Mbappé’s innate sprinter conditions: “He runs like a sprinter, his pelvis back, his pubis forward, which allows him to the knee lifts more easily and has a greater stride width. His heel is never above knee height and when his foot hits the ground, it goes up and down. With age – he was 19 years old then – he will gain more muscle in the buttocks and thighs and will make even more difference in the first supports ”.

Football match: Pochettino is working on the forward’s positioning to find the ideal place from which he can better exploit his cruising speed and has chosen to place him on the left-wing, either at 4-3-3 or at 4-2-3- 1. In up to seven games he has started in that position, the same one in which he made himself known at Monaco between 2015 and 2017. In the other three games, he has played as a forward at 4-4-2. So far this season, Mbappé in 28 games, all competitions included, has scored 18 goals and provided nine-goal passes.


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