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Griezmann’s different hat-trick

Griezmann’s different hat-trick

The feeling of being a parent is invaluable to any human being. In the battle of life, whether it is an ordinary person or a star, in terms of paternity or motherhood, everyone moves in the same category.

Barca French forward Atoyan Griezmann is no exception. The World Cup-winning star has been fortunate to enjoy the joy of fatherhood three times. The joy of winning the World Cup is more, not the joy of fatherhood, maybe you will put the joy of fatherhood first in answering the question. And in terms of this paternity, it is difficult to say whether a footballer has ever scored a hat-trick before. Excluding footballers, very few people have experienced such a thing.

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Yesterday, April 6, Griezmann became a father for the third time. The Griezmann-Erica Chopenera couple has a daughter, Alba. Yes, club-mate Jordi Alba has named his second daughter after him. And with the arrival of Alba in the world, Griezmann has become a strange ‘record’ partner. The previous two children, Mia and Amaro, were both born on the same date, April 7! Does anyone have such a hat trick?

The eldest daughter Mia Griezmann was born in 2016, on the same date. Exactly three years later, on April 7, Grisman’s son Amaro Grisman came into the world. Naturally, fans are also overwhelmed by such records. Some people have started saying that the cost of children’s birthdays will now be saved by Griezmann!

As one Twitter user wrote, the incident is bizarre! Another person has given priority to saving the cost of the birthday, Griezmann’s fortune is good, the cost of the birthday party is his lot!

Another point is that Griezmann’s luck is good, he just has to remember two dates now. April 6 and his wife’s birthday.

Griezmann could not attend Barcelona practice on Thursday to be with his wife during the birth of their third child. Alba Griezmann tweeted after the birth of the child, April 6, 2021. 10:24 in the morning.

The French forward will join his teammates in practice again on Friday. One day later, the crucial El against Real Madrid, that you will not be able to spend more days on holiday!



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