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History of Basketball: Known worldwide as an extremely popular sport. Round, orange balls are played on both indoor and outdoor fields. The main purpose of basketball as a team sport is to collect points by throwing the ball in a basket or basket placed vertically on the court. The team that collects the most points following certain rules is declared the winner of the game. Usually, each team has 5 players. Baskets are hung at the ends of both sides of the quadrangular basketball court, known as rims.
The ball is also referred to as basketball as the main instrument for playing basketball. In 1891, Dr. Springfield, Massachusetts. The game was invented by a professor named James Naismith. Basketball ranks second in the world in terms of popularity. Considered one of the sports of the Summer Olympics. Permille B_ball is equally popular; however, it has gained less popularity than men.

History of Basketball Basketball News Definition Rules Players Scores Stats Analysis & Facts Rumors


Basketball In international BB and college B-ball games, the referee is considered the chief executive. He is accompanied by one or two umpires. The chief executive of the National Basketball Association has been described as the crew chief and two other officials as referees. In the game of B-ball, all the officials are called the chief officials, but collectively they are called officials or referees in misinterpretation.

Summer Olympics:

History of Basketball: was included in the men’s section of the Summer Olympics in 1938 and is still held regularly today. The Olympics were presented as an exhibition in 1904 before the medals were awarded. Primula bubal was included in the 1986 Summer Olympics for the first time.

The United States, as the most successful country, has dominated Olympic ball. In the men’s division, the United States won 14 gold medals out of 16 competitions. From 1936 to 1966, the team won six times in a row. Also, the American Primula team has won 6 out of 9 times. From 1996 to 2012, they won 5 times in a row.

International Basket Association:

Basketball FIBA or International Basket ball Association was established in 1932. At the time of its founding, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland were members. At that time, only amateur players were included in the organization. The synonym for the French language is derived from the de BB Amateur at the International, which became known as Fiba. It is currently a member of the National B-ball Association of 213 countries. Official languages are English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.


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