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Liverpool never had such a bad time in Football history

Liverpool never had such a bad time in Football history

Liverpool Football: Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea gave Liverpool another disappointing night in the current season. They beat Liverpool 1-0 in a match held at Anfield last night.
Chelsea has been flying since Thomas Tuchel took charge. They have not lost a single match under Tuchel yet. They are also losing to the big teams at this time.
Chelsea also lost to Liverpool on their soil last night. They won the match 1-0. Mason Mount scored the only goal.
As a result of this victory, Chelsea has risen to number four in the points table. They have 48 points in 26 matches. Liverpool has dropped to number seven. Their collection in 28 matches is 43.

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Both sides of the coin were seen in Liverpool. For almost four years, they kept Anfield as their home ground. Was unbeaten in 6 consecutive league matches.
The opponent would have taken it whenever he came to play a league match at Liverpool, and whatever it is, 3 points are not being obtained. After 6 matches in a row, the Anfield fort of Liverpool collapsed today!

Liverpool Football:

Liverpool Football: They lost five matches in a row in the league at home. Chelsea picked up the win at Anfield last night. The Mason Mount goal stopped the champions at home.
That confirmed Liverpool’s embarrassing record. They have never lost five matches in a row at home in the history of the club. The fact that Liverpool endured a 30-year league drought for the benefit of Salah-von Dyke-Henderson is an incredible record for the same number of players. English midfielder Mason Mount scored for Chelsea shortly before the end of the first half.
Liverpool could not score even after playing for about 10 hours. Fon Dyke, Henderson’s absence will seem to be a problem in Liverpool’s defense-midfield, but his defense is seemingly putting the team in trouble.

Allison Baker, who was unable to play in the last match due to the death of his father, came on the field in this match. He was followed by Brazilian defensive midfielder Fabinio and Turkish defender Ozan Kabak, who has returned from injury.

With this, Liverpool changed the player of the pair of Central Defense for the 20th time in the whole season. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp told the duo to play a little higher as usual. If it was a little more, Liverpool would have fallen behind in the match.
Chelsea’s German striker Timo Werner dangerously fell in front of Allison in the 25th minute after taking advantage of Liverpool’shigh line defense’. Werner was due to arrive in Liverpool before the start of the season, but Chelsea won in the end.

Maybe there was an extra urge to prove himself against the team he was supposed to play for. Allison could not stop the ball from flying, but the ball was caught in the net for the benefit of Werner. But VAR became the savior of Liverpool. As can be seen, Werner was offside.

premier league table:

Even if he survives, it cannot be said that Liverpool has taken advantage of that opportunity. Under new coach Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea prefers to play with the ball on their feet, and this match is no exception.

Chelsea, in particular, had full control of the midfield. So when French midfielder Angolo Kant’s pass, English midfielder Mason Mount cut in from the left side and scored with a powerful shot from the right foot, it did not come as a surprise. Chelsea’s midfield was so great.

Liverpool Football English premier league News Liverpool FC News Live (1)

Meanwhile, every field of Liverpool was chaotic. Two midfielders Thiago and Jones could not finish the whole match. Mane-Firmino played disgustingly throughout the match, but Salah was taken off the field in the 60th minute. Sadio Mane missed an easy chance to score by controlling a long ball flying from the right edge in the first half. Could not put the ball on the feet!

Liverpool Football: The same is true of Firmino. Shortly after the start of the second half, Liverpool applied for a penalty when Kant got the ball in the D-box, but to no avail.
Liverpool was able to take a shot alongside the goal only once in the whole match. Also in the 75th minute, midfielder Georgino Vinaldom’s favor. This information can be understood, what a horrible game they played!
With this defeat, the top spot of the league is far away, the dream of playing in the Champions League next season from the minimum number 4 was also a big blow to the current league champions. Liverpool’s position with 43 points in 26 matches is seven. Meanwhile, Chelsea is at number 4 with 47 points. Manchester City as usual at the top. With 65 points, it is practically out of reach.



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