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Dale Stein likes PSL more than IPL money

Dale Stein likes PSL more than IPL money

PSL AND IPL: This time Dale Steyn was not in the IPL auction. As a result, no one could take the South African fast bowler even if they wanted to. However, the number of franchises interested in seeing his performance last season should not be too much. He had very poor performance for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL in the United Arab Emirates amid the Corona epidemic.

Stein did not make his name in the IPL auction, either because he did not do well in the last IPL or because he was worried about being in biosecurity again for two months in a row. After the IPL auction, he went to play in Pakistan Super League again. He says he didn’t want to play in the IPL. He thought playing in Pakistan’s Super League was better than India’s IPL. Stein is 36 years old. There is no debt like before. You can’t show flashes in speed like before. He has played only three matches in the last IPL. No more playing opportunities. How to match?

He got only 1 wicket in 3 matches. Gave 11.40 runs per over. As a result, the world’s once best fast bowler was kept on the bench. He did not do very well in the previous IPL. He got 4 wickets in 2 matches.

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PSL AND IPL Dale Stein, south Africa, live cricket, sports news, cricket sports update, live sports, IPL update cricket teams Final match (1)

Dale Steyn has never played in two IPLs before. He also played only 1 match in the 2018 IPL. He has never been seen to dominate since the 2013 IPL.

PSL AND IPL: So it was not a surprise that his name was removed from the IPL this season. However, this time in the IPL auction, there has been a lot of fighting with the fast bowlers.

PSL AND IPL: Meanwhile, despite withdrawing from the IPL, Stein went to Pakistan to play in the PSL. He said there, IPL did not go there because there is so much money.

“I needed a little vacation,” Stein said in a conversation with Cricket Pakistan. I found the game more interesting in other leagues. I think there are so many big squads in the IPL, so many big names and who is sold at what price, so much importance is given to that. Sometimes I forget about cricket. ‘Stein claims that everyone is less interested in cricket in the world’s largest franchise cricket tournament. On the contrary, everyone keeps an eye on the glamor outside the field.

PSL AND IPL: That’s why his interest in PSL or other leagues is growing. “When you play in PSL or Sri Lanka Premier League, cricket is important,” he said. I’ve only been here a few days. So far many have come to my room. They just wanted to know where I played for so long and how I played. But when I go to play in IPL, these people forget. The main discussion there is how much money you are getting for the IPL. I am telling the hard truth. I wanted to stay away from this. I would rather focus on the game and try to give something good to the cricket teams and tournaments that I think deserve it. ‘The IPL doesn’t seem worthy of its positive mentality anymore. However, the PSL has not been able to make headlines for any positive reason so far. He gave 44 runs in the first match for Quetta Gladiators.

Commentator Simon Dole joked about his hair again in that match. Stein came to the discussion with a strong answer. People don’t think of the former New Zealand cricketer!


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