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Home cricket West Indies whitewash Bangladesh in Test series after 9 years

West Indies whitewash Bangladesh in Test series after 9 years

  Test series:

West Indies whitewash Bangladesh in Test series after 9 years

Test series: I also believe I can bat better.
The word is Mehedi Hasan Miraj. Said at the press conference at the end of the third day’s play. The next day, Miraj faced a big challenge to prove it. He was the hope of Bangladesh at the end of the fourth day of the Mirpur Test today! But like all other batsmen, Mirage could not fulfill his hopes. His dazzling hopes of winning the Mirpur Test in Bangladesh were revived in the last wicket, but Miraj could not pull it off in the end.

Bangladesh was all out for 213 runs with a target of 231 runs. The Test was lost by 16 runs. After Chittagong, Mirpur lost both the Tests of the series and Bangladesh was whitewashed. The experience of Bangladesh on home soil is after 9 years. The previous one was against the West Indies, but it was a full-fledged West Indies. And this time the believers are whitewashed by a West Indies made of anchors!
Bangladesh cricket fans have relied on one Bangladeshi batsman after another in the second innings with a target of 231 runs. But no one could keep the price of trust. Mushfiqur-Muminul or Liton as Tamim … the names have been deleted one by one from the list of trust

It would have been much appreciated if Bangladesh had somehow won this thrilling Test at the end of the day. But when Bangladesh was whitewashed in a two-Test series against the West Indies, who left a lot of star cricketers in the country to tour Bangladesh, questions arose about Bangladesh’s Test-playing mentality. Going down to play Tests in Bangladesh after about ten months, taking a break from Corona to play the first series may not be enough to show cause there.

But on the fourth day, after the lunch break today, when Bangladesh dropped the last 4 wickets of West Indies by only 29 balls, they bowled out the Caribbeans for only 116 runs, it seemed that Bangladesh would be able to come to Chittagong’s atonement. It seemed at the time that Bangladesh would establish Kyle Meyers’ incredible innings on the last day as a ‘one-day contrast’, despite a four-day dominance in Chittagong and a record goal in the subcontinent.

Starting with Tamim. After a majestic dismissal in the 13th over, Tamim made a catching practice after 25 balls, not where he would show the way to a new batsman. Nazmul Hossain did not bother the scorers for long as he questioned his inclusion in the team due to the failure throughout the series. Rakim Cornwall, who was the last ball before the tea break, was caught by Nazmul in a short leg delivery with a sudden bounce.

Test series: The story of the innings after the tea break was such that a pair would last for a while, Bangladesh’s hopes would increase, then the pair would break up. Not only will the pair break, but the pair will also need to be pushed. Start with the Muminul-Mushfiq pair. After the tea break, the two of them crossed 100 runs. Bangladesh then relied on Mushfiqur-Muminul’s 53 off 53 balls. But Mushfiqur returned with a catch behind the wicket with the ball of Warrickan, Mithun also returned after just 18 balls. The team’s run was 116 for 5.

Then it was Liton’s turn to trust Muminul. On the sixth wicket, the duo spent some time at the crease, some runs came. But Mominul broke the pair of 32 runs from 48 balls as he was out. Liton also returned after 19 balls. Bangladesh still has 6 runs left.

Then only Mehedi Hasan Miraj is left to be recognized as a batsman. Chattikhani is not talking about 6 runs with the last 3 batsmen! Miraj’s strategy was a bit confusing then. He was letting other batsmen play more balls than himself!

Miraj’s 10-run standoff 29 balls with Taizul for the eighth wicket included 7 runs off 25 balls. In the ninth wicket, Naeem Hasan was paired with 25 runs off 34 balls, while Naeem scored 14 runs off 20 balls. In the meantime, West Indies captain Craig Brafet came and gave two by four in a row. Although the two of them were trying to trap. In which Brafet later succeeded. Even when Naeem was out as the ninth batsman for 18 runs, Miraj scored 5 runs off 32 balls.

After Abu Zayed came in the last wicket, Miraj took the responsibility on his shoulders. As it was the last wicket, the number of overs in the day was increased. West Indies need 1 wicket, Bangladesh 43 runs মি Mirage came in this equation. Cornwall came forward and hit two sixes, three fours. Four and six in two consecutive overs. Bangladesh runs 200 parole. The tension in the game then. Bangladesh’s need is slowly coming down to 639, 29, 17… But the West Indies are just waiting for a good ball.

That is in the hands of El Warikan. The catch on the slip touched the edge of Mirage’s bat. Miraj was dismissed for 31 off 56 balls. Shame on the end of the thrill of whitewashing Bangladesh!


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