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Pupil beats the master as Chelsea’s Tuchel gets the better of Guardiola

Tukhel seemed to come with a magic wand

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UEFA Champions League: Pupil beats the master as Chelsea’s Tuchel gets the better of Guardiola

UEFA Champions League: At the end of 19 rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea is in ninth place with 6 matches lost and 5 draws. Coach Frank Lampard has been sacked for failing to deliver the expected results despite spending huge sums of money on the transfer. Feeling chaotic in team play. Thomas Tuchel was replaced by Chelsea Lampard to replace Chelsea without rhythm. Tuchel was also dismissed from PSG. It was as if the German coach had set foot in London from Paris with a magic wand.

Chelsea has lost just three matches in the second leg of the Premier League since Tuchel took charge. The Blues finally finished the league in fourth place after a fight. Tomorrow gave Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich the biggest gift of the season. Chelsea beat Manchester City 1-0 to clinch the Champions League title. The German coach of Chelsea is also going to get the award. The Stamford Bridge team will sign a new contract with him.

UEFA Champions League: Tuchel himself hinted at the possibility of a new deal with Chelsea at a press conference following the Champions League final. Chelsea brought Tuchel to Stamford Bridge in late January after Lampard was sacked. The Premier League club signed a one-and-a-half-year contract with him then. At the same time, there was a condition in the contract that it could be extended for one year. Football news website Gold.com has confirmed that Chelsea is going to sign a new contract with Tuchel until at least 2023.

“I’m not 100 percent sure,” Tuchel told a news conference after winning the Champions League. But I am probably going to get a new contract. ‘He also said who gave the news of the new contract to Tuchel,’ there could be a new contract. That’s what my manager told me. But I don’t know anything about it yet. Let’s see what happens. ‘

sports n game
sports n game

Tuchel has not yet spoken to Chelsea owner Abramovich about the deal, saying: “I talked to the owner a little earlier on the field. It was a great moment. We’ll talk again tomorrow (today). Let’s see what happens in the future. “Tuchel also decided what to say to Abramovich.” One thing is for sure, I’m still looking forward to success. I want to win the next title. ‘

UEFA Champions League: “I’m really happy to be part of this ambitious club,” Tuchel told Abramovich of his happiness at Chelsea. So want to win more. I want my team to play their best from the first match of next season. ‘

Tuchel met Abramovich for the first time yesterday after taking charge of Chelsea. He liked Abramovich’s “skill” because he was fired by the coach. “It was a great experience to see him up close,” he said. We used to communicate, but not directly. He would know what was happening to me. And now I met him.


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