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National game of Japan, The hard life of an 85 kg child wrestler

National game of Japan, The hard life of an 85 kg child wrestler

Kuta a Japanese sumo wrestler, weighs twice as much as his peers at the age of 10 and is as strong as he is. Last year’s U-10 World Championships were also won by Britain and Ukraine.

wrestler: At the age of 10, Kuta weighs twice as much as his peers
While still in Kita Kindergarten, he took part in a sumo tournament at the behest of his father. “Quite can do it on his own, he has the talent to win the tournament,” said Daisuke, a father, and former amateur sumo play. The quota is a shy type of boy However, he wrestles with older people and has a lot of fun losing to adults. “The father trains his son hard six days a week. During the wrestling, the father holds the boy so tightly that the 10-year-old boy finds it difficult to breathe and cries. Even then, the father thinks that this is the only way to get the whole thing out of the boy Also, Kuta regularly swims and practices to reach the highest goal of sumo wrestling.

To fully develop the boy’s talent, he moved with his family to the Fukuoka prefecture Many believe that the god of sumo resides in that area of Tokyo There are many clubs famous for making sumo wrestlers

The quota consumes an average of more than one liter of milk a day and consumes 2,600 to 4,000 calories a day with plenty of protein. Meat steak is his favorite food

The national game of Japan
The Japanese nowadays watch baseball and football more than sumo wrestling Nevertheless, sumo wrestling is the traditional national sport of Japan Khoka sumo wrestlers started training at the age of six Sora wrestlers meet at the OnePaku National Championships in Tokyo.


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